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The Words We Can't Say

This 3D driven piece was created for an assignment in my Intro to 3D class in which we were given free-range to create whatever we pleased with the skills that we had attained in that class. For this project I wanted to tell a story about unrequited feelings through the use of abstract shapes and color. While working on this project I learned a lot about how to light scenes in Cinema 4D in order to portray a certain mood.


Cinema 4D

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Illustrator





The imagery in this project is very metaphorical. In the first half of the piece I cut in between blue and pink scenes. I strategically used color choice and imagery in the blue scenes to create a cold and closed off feeling in order to portray the side of a complicated relationship that isn't spoken of while the pink scenes were designed to feel much warmer and open, signifying the loving and giving side of said relationship.


The piece begins to shift to more purple hues once the cloth on the glowing, hot pink sphere drops revealing the sphere, which signifies the revealing of unspoken emotions. This shift thus signifies a new understanding and breakthrough in the relationship. 

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