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IPSY Brand Ident

IPSY is a subscription-based cosmetic company who sends five personalized products to its subscribers monthly. The brand's mission is to inspire individuals to experiment with and express their unique beauty.


Live action film

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Illustrator

How does IPSY work?

In order to curate products that IPSY believes would work best for you, they have you take a “beauty quiz” when you sign up for a subscription. The quiz is very thorough and asks you everything from your skin tone and eye color to your favorite brands and how comfortable you are with trying out new looks. This thoroughness almost guarantees customer satisfaction with every bag which is what makes IPSY stand out as a beauty company.


I collaborated on this project with my fellow peer Lucila Conen and together we decided to emphasize on IPSYs focus on self-discovery and empowerment. We achieved this idea by using live-action shots of different people discovering and using new products. We then paired the footage with illustrative imagery and type which further expressed the brand and its celebration of individuality.





Lucila and I stuck to a very fun and bright color scheme throughout the piece. I found it to be extremely fitting for IPSYs current branding and the colors were extremely harmonious with our footage which allowed us to effortlessly blend our multiple forms of media. 



Working on this project was a very fun and new experience for me. I love illustration and am very comfortable with it, but prior to this project I had hardly done any live-action work. Blending the two allowed me to learn a lot more about live-action in a motion design sense rather than approaching it with a film mindset. I have found this to come in handy when it comes to capturing something like a brand for more bite sized content such as social media ads. 

We shot all of the footage on an RX10 camera in my living room using colored sheets as our backdrop. While our set didn't look conventionally professional, our three-point lighting set up along with editing in post in After Effects allowed us to achieve a very polished and bright look.

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