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DASH Bumper

I made this bumper while interning at Dash, a motion design studio located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The prompt was to introduce myself and my style to the Dash social media following, through the creation of a short video. I wanted to stay on-brand with Dash, so to do so I decided to create this bumper using only the brand's main colors. When it came to introducing myself, my friends know me as a bit of a cat lady, but the cool kind, and I find big cats to be super fun animation and illustration subjects, so I decided to merge the two and came up with this short piece of dangerously curious panther.


Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop







To create this piece I first used animation assists in Procreate in order to animate frame by frame. I decided to use a textured brush to get a sketchy texture with some jittery movement for the reflections on the panther and the candle. I then took the PNG sequences into After Effects to composite all of the separate shots together and add some extra movement using 3D layers and the puppet tool.

This was the first project I had ever done using Procreate to animate and I personally found it much easier and simpler to use when compared to Photoshop or Animate for smaller projects such as this one.

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