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"Cavalier" Lyric Video

This 3D driven project is a lyric video for the first 44 seconds of the song "Cavalier" by Sniffle Party. Due to the definition of cavalier being to show lack of interest I wanted to go with an aesthetic which seemed empty and cold while still being captivating to the eye and fitting with the pace of the music. To bring the project together I composited a lot of different renders in post in After Effects. This process, a long with the new experience of using type as a primary design asset in Cinema 4D, opened up my skill set and creativity as a motion designer and an animator.


Cinema 4D

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Illustrator





I find that the design direction I went in with this project turned out to be very successful.The song has a slight reverb, echo sound to it so I used an empty, white room to mimic that feeling along with slow movements that flowed with the beat of the music.


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